The Hardest Overwatch Heroes to Master

Blizzard Entertainment are perhaps the most well-known for their hugely successful MMORPG World of Warcraft, first released in 2004, which to this day still has a very active player base and many expansion packs over the years, adding more content to the game. However, WoW (which World of Warcraft is usually shortened to) isn’t the only game by Blizzard which has taken the world by storm…

Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter with a player count which just recently reached over 40 million players, which is a lot of players and a very impressive milestone for a game which recently celebrated its 2 year anniversary. The reason for its high player count is simply because the game is very fun, and has a diverse range of game modes and playable characters, known as heroes (some of the characters are actually baddies, so can you really call them heroes…?).

These heroes have different types of playstyles and classes which will no doubt be suitable for anybody no matter how good or bad they are at FPS games… some heroes require pin-point aim, and some heroes require very little pin-point aim. However, some of these heroes can be extremely difficult to master, and in this post we’re going to go through the hardest of these heroes…

5 – Zarya

Zarya (her full name is Aleksandra Zaryanova, if you’re interested in the lore of the game 😉 ) is a Russian bodybuilder, and one of the strongest women in the world which Overwatch takes place in. She is one of the most challenging tank heroes to play, but is very effective when played right. Her weapon is a particle cannon, which is actually a weapon used by a giant robot; as she is a very strong character, she can carry this weapon around with her with ease.

The unique thing about the particle cannon is that it can fire a shield around both Zarya herself and a teammate, and whenever this limited shield takes damage, the cannon’s damage charges up. The player must time both of these abilities when either themselves or their teammate is taking a lot of damage at once (for example, if they or you suddenly get ambushed, or if your opposition is solely targeting your healer teammate to take them out to prevent them from healing you).

Zarya’s ultimate ability, however, is perhaps one of the most game-changing and important ones in the game. Her Graviton Surge is essentially a small bomb which transforms into a black hole after hitting the ground or a wall and sucks in any enemies and objects which are close to it. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to your attacks, and it’s this vulnerability which makes it such a powerful ultimate.

In order to be great at Zarya, you will need to have great situation awareness to know when the best times to place a shield around either yourself or a teammate of yours, and you will need to see which hero on your team has their ultimate along with yours so you will know if they can dish out a lot of damage to the enemy if you use your Graviton Surge on them.

4 – Ana

Ana (Ana Amari, again, if you want to know what her full name is) is an Egyptian sniper who with her Biotic Rifle can snipe enemies to hurt them, of course, but she can also fire at her teammates to heal them; while this concept sounds fairly simple, Ana is perhaps the most challenging support hero to play. When she is played right, however, she can be a formidable healer, and it can be very tricky for your enemies to kill your teammates because you’re constantly healing them.

One of the main abilities Ana has is a Sleep Dart which she can fire at an enemy to make them sleep for about 5 seconds. As the dart takes a small while to fire when you use this ability, and the fact that the dart is a projectile so you will have to aim slightly ahead of your enemy to hit them, this ability takes a lot of skill to use effectively. However, if you time the use of this ability well – for example, you can use your Sleep Dart to put an enemy who has just used his devastating ultimate ability to sleep and render them useless – it can be the difference between a win and a loss.

She also has a biotic grenade which she can throw at her teammates to heal them quicker, or she can throw it at enemies to prevent them from being healed by their healers or from health packs which are scattered all over the various maps in the game. However, her ultimate ability is one of the most useful ones in the game.

Her Nano Boost makes her teammates take less damage from enemies and deal more damage to enemies. As you can tell, this is a very efficient ultimate, and used with a good hero with a destructive ability and a good player, can be devastating for your opposition. You will need to know the right hero to boost, and when to boost them, otherwise you may risk wasting the ability.

However, the main aspect of Ana is her ranged healing, and being able to snipe your teammates from a distance effectively to keep them alive will make you a very good Ana player, but it takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to hit all those shots while they’re moving around frantically.

3 – Hanzo

Hanzo (Hanzo Shimada) is a Japanese archer who uses his Storm Bow to shoot arrows at his enemies (as if archer wasn’t obvious enough 😉 ). Hanzo is no doubt one of the hardest heroes to master as his bow takes a lot of skill and great aim to properly master. When he is used effectively, however, can be one of the most formidable heroes in the game.

For starters, Hanzo can climb up walls and lunge in any direction while in mid-air, sort of like a double jump. This makes him a very agile hero, and he can easily escape from or run circles around enemies and confuse them. If you can effectively aim with the bow, you will become a very deadly foe to the enemy team in no time…

One of Hanzo’s main abilities is a Sonic Arrow, which contains a sonar tracking device on the tip. When it’s fired and strikes a wall or an opponent, it will visibly mark any enemy in its detection range in red; you and your teammates will see this mark, and it will help either you or your teammates to track this enemy and set up an easy kill on them.

Another ability, Storm Arrows, gives Hanzo the ability to launch 6 arrows immediately without the need of pulling them back to charge them up. The drawback to this is that these arrows will do less damage than normal arrows which are charged back fully, but nevertheless this ability can be devastating if you can aim Hanzo’s bow well.

His ultimate ability is very cool, but many people seem to think it’s very overpowered and needs to be nerfed a little. Dragonstrike launches two dragons via arrow which will fly in the direction where you aimed them. These dragons can fly through walls and will cause 150 damage per second on an enemy who stumbles in their way. While it is very easy to dodge these dragons, if you are in a tight area on the other hand and have very little room to move, you are essentially dead.

If you are able to master Hanzo and effectively use his bow and abilities, you will be a very deadly foe to the enemy team.

2 – Tracer

Tracer (Lena Oxton) is a former British pilot who, after an accident with a teleporting aircraft, can zip through space and rewind a few seconds in time. Tracer is perfect for players who want to constantly be on the move and like to get up close and personal with the enemy team, but this very things makes Tracer very tricky to play, especially as she doesn’t have as much health as most of the other heroes in the roster.

Tracer’s Pulse Pistols deal huge amounts of damage up close to enemies, but only when she’s right in their face and shooting them; from afar they’re not very threatening. If your preferred playstyle is from far away from the action, then Tracer isn’t exactly the best hero for you to play.


Her main abilities include Blink, which allows Tracer to zip through space in the direction she is running in and to appear again a few yards away; and Recall, which allows Tracer to rewind herself back through her personal timeline to the exact spot where she was 3 seconds ago, regaining back any health she may have lost within this 3 second span.

Blink serves as a quick dodge for Tracer; if she is getting fired at, she can easily blink in the direction she is running in and avoid any projectiles which may harm her. You can also use blink to get right up close with an enemy, unleash tons of damage upon them with her Pulse Pistols, and blink right back and away from your foe so they can’t get an attack on you in return; this takes a lot of skill to get right, but this can make Tracer devastating if you are able to accomplish it.

Recall is a very special ability, and certainly different from many of the abilities other heroes have… As Tracer can regain health with this ability, this makes it very tricky to kill this hero unless you have an attack which dishes out more than 150 points of damage; for example, a fully charged headshot from Hanzo will be more than enough to one-hit kill a Tracer (I wish you the best of luck in trying to hit her with one, however… 😉 )


Tracer’s ultimate ability is a small, but deadly sticky bomb called a Pulse Bomb. This can stick to a surface or an opponent and can deal around 300 damage to them, and takes a single second to explode after attaching to something. While 300 damage may not sound like a lot, bear in mind that a majority of heroes have health under 300… A small group of weak heroes together with a Pulse Bomb will mean that the Tracer will get a lot of kills in one go. A Pulse Bomb coupled with Zarya’s Graviton Surge will no doubt be a game-changing play.

If you are somebody who likes being on the move constantly, and like dishing damage up close to enemies, Tracer is your hero to play!

1 – Genji

Hoo boy, here we go… By far the hardest Overwatch hero to properly master… and it’s a cyborg ninja! How cool is that?!

Ahem… Genji (Genji Shimada) is a ninja who was made into a cyborg as his brother, Hanzo, had practically beaten him to within an inch of his life for the good of the Shimada clan… just your typical sibling rivalry, really! Anyway, like Tracer, Genji is a hero most suited to players who want to be on the move all the time and prefer dishing out damage at close range to their enemies.

Genji’s main weapon, his shurikens, have 2 ways of being fired; his primary fire consists of throwing 3 ninja stars in quick succession in a straight line. As these serve as projectiles, they take a small amount of time to reach somebody who is a little far away, so you will have to aim ahead of your target if you want them to him.

His alternative fire, on the other hand, makes Genji throw 3 stars in a wider spread; this is better suited if you are very up close with your foe as the 3 stars will hit them all at the same time, dealing loads of damage to them.

Genji’s other abilities, Swift Strike and Deflect, are abilities you will use a lot while in the midst of the combat, especially Swift Strike. This darts Genji forwards very quickly, dealing damage to any foe who might is in the way of this zippy attack. The unique thing about this ability is that when you kill an enemy, or you get an assist with a foe’s death, this ability will instantly reset for Genji to swiftly strike somebody else. If you are managing to kill your enemies very quickly and effortlessly, you will be dashing around the map in no time. 😉

His other main ability, Deflect, is very self-explanatory; Genji will use his sword to deflect any oncoming projectiles or bullets for 2 full seconds. He will deflect everything to the direction where he is facing, so you will easily be able to deflect a lot of damage at a single person and possibly finish them off in no time. Furthermore, Genji can deflect some heroes’ ultimate abilities, making the ultimate his own and earning him any kills or assists they make to the enemy team.

Genji’s ultimate ability, Dragonblade, is one of the most lethal in the game; it is also the most damaging melee attack in the game too, dealing 120 points of damage to players with each hit. If you don’t dilly-dally and keep swinging, you will be able to strike players up to seven times during the 6 second duration of the ultimate; this is very deadly, and makes mastering Genji a huge benefit for your team.

Couple Dragonblade with Ana’s Nano Boost and Zarya’s Graviton Surge and, well your enemies won’t exactly be getting out of there alive… 😉


And there you have it; those were 5 of the hardest heroes in Overwatch to master. As of the time of this writing, there are about 28 heroes in the Overwatch roster, the latest being a mech-controlling hamster; many of these heroes are pretty simple to play properly, and others can be quite challenging to master, but not as much as the heroes on this list.

If you’re new to Overwatch, I highly recommend the game; it’s very fun and perfect for practically any gamer as all the heroes are unique and fit a multitude of playstyles.

If you are familiar with Overwatch, feel free to comment down below on who you think is the hardest hero to master as there are a lot to choose from, and everyone’s playstyle is different and unique from each other too…

Happy gaming! 😉

Jamie – the PC Gaming Nerd


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