The Best Free PC Games of 2018

I’ve previously talked about free things that you can get for your PC with my free Windows software post a little while back, but did you know that some of the most popular and highly-praised PC games which you can obtain and play right now in 2018 do not require you to pay a single dime in order to play them?

That’s right, the games that will appear on this post are entirely free, and will most likely be free for the rest of time… unless the developers change their minds, of course, but let’s touch wood and keep our fingers crossed that they don’t… 😉

Steam, GOG, Epic Games and Origin have all sorts of free-to-play games ready for you to download and play whenever you want.  Obviously they have games for sale as well, but thanks to frequent discounts, there will be more and more chances of fetching a great game at a huge discount, and occasionally for free too, if you’re lucky.

These free games come in many different types of genres, so there is a free game for you no matter what kind of games you enjoy playing the most. But we’ve digressed long enough… it’s time to find out what the best free PC games are for you!

1 – Fortnite

We start off with the worldwide sensation that is Fortnite; this game has taken the world by storm with its cartoony nature and its infamous battle royale game mode. Now, many people have wondered why this game is as insanely popular as it is… and the simple answer is that the game is entirely free for you to play.

You don’t have to pay a single penny in order to play this game, and that is the pure reason why it has around 125 million players. Due to its quick load times and intense Battle Royale gameplay which can end just as quickly as you came into the round, Fortnite is one super addicting video game.

While there are micro transactions, these are entirely optional and aren’t crucial to the game; they only give you cosmetics like new outfits and new pickaxes… it won’t change your gameplay.

If you are looking for a brand new game to play on your PC, consider going for Fortnite because it is a very fun game and it will not cost you anything either.



2 – War Thunder

If you’re a fan of World War 2 era planes and tanks, then War Thunder is one of the best games that you can get if you want to mess about with vehicles from that timeline… and it’s entirely free for you to play.

If you have a computer powerful enough to run the visual settings at max, you will be faced with some of the most beautiful graphics that I have ever seen in a PC game; that is if your PC can handle them because they are very graphically demanding.

The game consists of arcade, realistic and simulator modes for both planes and tanks, with different types of game modes from capturing airfields by landing on them, to destroying ground vehicles like armored cars and non-player controlled tanks.

While going the free route with this game will consequently mean you have to work harder to unlock all tiers of planes and tanks – getting a premium subscription will allow you to earn more experience after matches and make grinding to unlock stuff quicker – the game is still however free to play and getting a subscription is completely optional.

If you like planes from WW2, such as the iconic Spitfire, and don’t want to pay a dime to play, then War Thunder is a game you should consider getting.



3 – Team Fortress 2

At more than 10 years old, Team Fortress 2 – or TF2 for short – is an old video game; the fact that it still manages to rack up thousands of players every day is amazing. But why is this so for such an old game? Well, it’s free and very fun.

Team Fortress 2 is different from your other first person shooters; different as in most players are there to have fun and the atmosphere is less competitive than other popular shooters like Overwatch and Counter Strike.

While its age is similar to that of previous gen consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360, the game still somehow manages to be very fresh… no to mention that it can be incredibly silly at times too; there aren’t that many shooters on the gaming market where you can randomly form a conga line on the battlefield.

Like all the other games before it on this list, TF2 contains micro transactions, and buying either another game on Steam or buying something from the game’s Mann Co store will grant you more slots inside your backpack, and the ability to trade with other players, something which is very popular inside the community.

Either way, if you want to have a chilled and more fun first person shooter compared to others in the gaming industry, then Team Fortress 2 may very well be the free game for you.



4 – Dirty Bomb

From a chill and casual first person shooter to something a little more competitive, Dirty Bomb is a free-to-play first person shooter which has a more serious tone to its atmosphere than TF2.

In this game, teamwork is essential in order to carry out any of the types of game modes it has on various maps situated in London. In order to unlock new characters or weapons, you will need to unlock loadout cards, which can be down in a free-to-play sense, but it requires a lot of grinding to do so.

Although buying packs in order to unlock cards is optional, it would be much easier for you if you want to unlock everything now and not have to worry about grinding for hours on end to unlock a certain character.

If you want a more competitive free-to-play FPS, then consider getting Dirty Bomb.



5 – Dota 2

Valve makes another appearance on this list with another free-to-play PC game of theirs called Dota 2. This is perhaps one of the most famous free-to-play PC games as Dota 2 is a very well-known game in the eSports department.

With one the biggest price pools in eSports history, this is a very serious game to play, and the fact that it is free-to-play means that anybody can jump right in to try and climb to the top. Who knows; maybe you’ll become the next eSports sensation? 😉

Like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 also has a cartoony look, but you shouldn’t underestimate how it looks; this is a very complicated video game, and one that requires a lot of practice if you want to be good at it.

Every character is unlocked from the start, so you don’t need to do any grinding if you want to unlock them all like in Dirty Bomb. The only thing you can spend money on are cosmetics which doesn’t change the gameplay whatsoever.

If you want another great free PC game which offers a good challenge, then Dota 2 is a great one for you to consider.


6 – Planetside 2

If you prefer your matches on a humongous scale branching out across an intergalactic world instead of inside a small arena, then Planetside 2 is a free-to-play game you should seriously consider getting for your gaming PC.

I say gaming PC specifically because this game is very demanding; the sheer scale of this game and the graphical quality will take a toll on low-end PCs, if you want to give this one a go, make sure you have hardware powerful enough to run it. 😉

In the game, you choose one of the 3 playable factions and choose a name for your character and what server you would like to play in, then you will get sent straight to the training grounds so you can learn how to play the game. Once you finish the training, you will be teleported straight into the action, so you’d better make sure you’re ready to play.

As the name suggests, Planetside 2 takes place in a sci-fi, futuristic environment, so the weapons, vehicles and overall gameplay will be completely different compared to generic FPS games which take place either in present day or sometime in the past.

If you want to play a futuristic FPS game on a massive scale, then Planetside 2 is one that you should consider.



7 – League of Legends

If you want a free-to-play game that is very similar to Dota 2, then League of Legends is the game for you. Just like Dota 2, it is a MOBA, or Massive Online Battle Arena video game, and it has a very serious and competitive community with big prize pools in various eSports around the world.

With its diverse list of characters and maps, this game has a type of character for every kind of player, whether you are more of a healer or an aggressive player who likes to get in the face of your enemies.

If you want to play a game very similar to Dota 2 – maybe you didn’t like the characters or maps, or how the game plays – then League of Legends is your best bet.



8 – Hearthstone

If you enjoy card games and want a relaxing and free video game to help you pass the time and chill out, then Hearthstone is a game you should try out.

The thing which sets it apart from other card games, such as Magic the Gathering, is the fact that Hearthstone is a very casually and easy to get in to; there is no large learning curve that you have to overcome in order to play it.

While Blizzard’s other games can be a little bit pricy in cost, this one is completely free for you to try out and see if you like it or not.

If you want a relaxing card game for your PC, then Hearthstone is a video game which you should consider downloading.



9 – Warframe

If you like your shooters in a different perspective, Warframe is a great free-to-play PC game for you. The game is in a third person perspective, so the camera will be behind your character as opposed to being where your character’s eyes would be.

There is a lot of content inside this game, from all sorts of vicious melee weapons and firearms, to dozens of different planets and missions for you to take part in and complete.

Furthermore, the game recently got a new expansion which gave the game its first ever open-world level which opened a whole now can of beans for the community, and with talks of another one on the way and even more content being added, this is a game which will keep you busy for hours… and it’s free.

You really should consider downloading this game for your PC if you have run out of games to play, or want to try out a brand new game without paying any money for it.



10 – Paladins

A game which has been popularly coined “the poor man’s Overwatch“, Paladins is a marvelous free-to-play game if you want a taste of what a game like Overwatch is like without having to pay any money at all to play.

With over 30 playable champions, no matter what type of playstyle you have there will be a character fit for you; not bad for a game that doesn’t cost you a penny to play. 😉

If you liked the look of Overwatch, but don’t have the funds to buy it, then this is a great alternative for you while you wait until you acquire the right amount of money for Overwatch… or, maybe you’ll even like Paladins more. 😉




And there you have it; those were 10 of some of the best free games you can get for your PC for this year of 2018. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post; I really appreciate it. <3

If I’ve somehow missed a free-to-play game that you think deserves more people playing it, however, then please feel free to list it down in the comments section below. 😉

Happy gaming

Jamie – the PC Gaming Nerd


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