Debunking PC Gaming’s Biggest Myths

One of the worst things about being a PC gamer is having to listen to all the misinformation scattered all over the internet about PC gaming. “It’s too expensive! You have to upgrade every year to keep up with the graphics of video games! You have to uncomfortably sit at a desk to use one! You can’t take one to your friend’s house with you!”

I know how frustrating this can be, especially when people actually take this information by heart and ignore the PC as a gaming platform all together. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of all these misconceptions; I’m putting my foot down and it’s going to be in the form of this exact post!

I’m going to be debunking some of PC gaming’s biggest myths and misconceptions, and help you to realise that the PC platform isn’t as malicious or complex as some people may lead you to believe… PC gaming is something that all people should give a try, and these myths and misinformation hurt the platform as a whole, which is why I’m going to be debunking them.

So sit back in your office chair, dining chair, or couch; relax a little bit because at the end of this you may be fuming at how people can be so naive, and let us begin…

1 – PC Gaming Is Expensive

We start off with perhaps the biggest misconception of all… “PC gaming is so expensive! It’ll be cheaper to buy a console!”

I’ll admit… a top of the range PC with the best hardware currently on the market will cost you around £1000 to £2000, there’s no avoiding that… however, that doesn’t mean all gaming PC’s cost the same…

Remember, that’s just the price of a top of the range PC… a mid range PC will cost you around £500 or £600, which is still more expensive than a console, but we’re getting closer to the price of a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, aren’t we…

Of course, this is assuming that the gaming PC you are buying was pre-built…

This is where things get interesting. A pre-built computer is, obviously, a computer that was previously built by somebody else. You can find these all over the place, from your local computer store to online in sites such as Amazon or Game. If you want to save money in purchasing a PC, you could always build one yourself…

If you can find the right components, you will be able to build a mid range PC with the same power as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for the exact same price. PCPartPicker is a great website at helping you find the cheapest components online, and it will tell you whether they are compatible with each other or not as well.

Of course, this quickly moves us on to another big and bold piece of misinformation about PC gaming…

2 – Building a PC Is Too Hard and Confusing

Yeah, this is absolute nonsense.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t bother to look up tutorials on how to do something online, then yes, building a PC is impossible and it would be far easier to build a rocket and go to the Moon.

Building a computer may look intimidating, but once you get the ball rolling and follow along with any tutorials on YouTube, it’s actually really straightforward and can even be quite a lot of fun too… if you don’t let the continuous dropping of small screws and the constant untangling of wires get to you… 😉

Many PC enthusiasts have compared building a PC to that of building Lego… While the two are vastly different, it’s not difficult to see the connection.

You will also sense like you have achieved something after building a PC as well, and the satisfaction you get when you press the power button for the first time is a glorious feeling.

3 – You Have to Upgrade All the Time

This is another piece of misinformation which I feel is complete baloney. You have to upgrade all the time? Says who? What, is there a special rule that states you must replace your hardware after a set time or you and your family will suffer a terrible fate? I don’t think so. The only person who says when you can upgrade your PC… is yourself.

I’m currently rocking a GTX 980ti and an i7 4790k in my PC, and if you don’t know your PC gaming components, those are quite a few years old. Sure, far superiour hardware has come out in recent years, but do I need to change what I currently have to them?

No. I choose not to because I’m very happy with what I have at the moment. 😉

So no, you really don’t need to upgrade your PC all the time… it’s purely a matter of personal preference.

4 – You Only Have a Keyboard and Mouse

Something which a lot of people don’t realise is that with a PC you can just about use anything to play your games, and you’re not just forced to use a keyboard and mouse. Believe it or not, you can use an Xbox controller or a PlayStation controller with a PC, and that’s just scratching the surface on what you can use to control your video game characters with.

In fact, I myself sometimes use a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse, especially with racing games; one of these very games is Rocket League. It is practically impossible to play that game effectively with a keyboard and mouse, and if I don’t have a controller available to me, I simply won’t touch that game.

There is controller support for games which are even PC exclusive, which just goes to show how popular it is as a way to control your games on the PC platform.

5 – You Can’t Play PC Games on a Couch like a Console

Well, you know that you can use a controller with your PC games from the previous point, so this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

Yes, you can play PC games on a couch a distance away from your monitor or TV with an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Next. 😉

6 – PC Multiplayer Is Filled with Hackers

Okay, okay, you win on this one, I’m not going to argue here. Yes, PC multiplayer DOES have a hacker problem, however it is very unlikely you will encounter one. Many PC games have anti-hacking measures in place to ensure that any player with the intent of cheating or grieving others by using a hacking tool or software of any kind will be immediately removed from the game.

While there are some PC games out there that are more likely to have hackers than others, i.e. games with outdated anti-hacking measures that people have found a way to bypass and go unnoticed, it is still a very uncommon event, and even if one does indeed come along, people will either come together in the game chat and call the hacker(s) out immediately, or the anti-hacking tool will catch them in the act and give them an immediate ban.

Will encountering hackers on the PC platform is more likely than the console platform, it is still rare that you will bump into any of them, especially on more modern games, as there are anti-hacking measures put in place for a reason.

7 – PC Gaming Isn’t Easily Portable like Consoles

I’ve heard this “excuse” against PC gaming many times throughout my internet usage in gaming forums and popular video game websites. This is a very silly thing to say, and let me tell you why…

Of course, lugging around the giant metal case of a desktop is going to be very tricky and not as easy as a console, that’s understandable… but did you know that PC gaming isn’t just limited to desktops?

Believe it or not, but gaming laptops are a thing, and have been for years. In fact, up until recently, there were mobile versions of powerful and famous graphics cards (or GPUs – Graphics Processing Unit), such as the GTX 980; it was known as the GTX 980m. Notice the extra “m” at the end… that stands for mobile.

Nowadays, manufacturers have been able to cramp desktop GPUs inside these laptops, ultimately making them more powerful and better than ones with mobile GPUs inside them. However, I’m getting slightly off topic here…

Basically, laptops were made to be portable, and if there are such things as gaming laptops… then PC gaming can in fact be as easily portable as a console; you will easily be able to take one to a friend’s’s house and play video games with them.

8 – The PC Platform Doesn’t Have Any Exclusives

We wrap things up with another really famous and popular PC gaming myth… “The PC platform doesn’t have any exclusives like consoles do, and so it’s not worth it to buy a PC and play games when you could play it easier on a simple console.”

Like consoles, the PC platform does have exclusives… boy, does it have exclusives…

Thanks to the low barrier of entry PC gaming has for developers, there are thousands and thousands of indie games made by either a small team of developers or a single person. Steam is a great place to look if you want to find just some of these many indie games.

Another thing this low barrier of entry has ensured, however, there is also room for developers who have put their heart and soul into creating their games. This has ultimately resulted in great and imaginative titles for the PC platform such as the Civilization series, Star Citizen; Dota 2, Quake Champions and many, many more.

Here is a Reddit post on a very popular PC gaming subreddit where somebody has taken the time out of their lives to find nearly every single PC exclusive ever made over the years. (warning; contains strong language… well, it is Reddit…)


In the end, whatever platform you play your video games on is all down to you. But spreading misinformation about a particular platform, whether purposely for malicious intent or because of simple naivety, is just plain wrong.

If you were somebody who had one of these misconceptions expressed to you, I hope I have at least somewhat changed your outlook on the PC platform with this post.

If you like gaming on a console, that’s absolutely fine. However, what isn’t fine is misconceptions about PC gaming being spread across the internet in the form of forums or YouTube videos. These draw people away from the PC platform, and makes it out to be something it really isn’t.

I hope I have shed some light on these misconceptions and myths, and have proven to you that the PC platform isn’t as flawed as some people make it out to be. If you can think of any other myths that I may have missed out on, and you want to debunk them, then please feel free to do some down below in the comments section. 😉

Jamie – the PC Gaming Nerd


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