5 Free Software Your Windows PC Desperately Needs

Software; it’s something we install on our computers all the time, whether to get better alternatives to the default tools already installed on our computers, or types of software which wasn’t previously available to you by default. Some software will cost you money to buy, and some software are absolutely free for you to download.

So, you’ve gotten yourself a brand spanking new computer, either a pre-built or you built it yourself, and you find yourself staring at your desktop wondering if there’s any extra things you need to do before you can finally say you’ve completed setting up your PC properly.

Well, in actual fact you’re not done yet… not by a long shot…

There are pieces of software online which you can get if you want better versions of some of the default Windows tools already on your computer, and the best part is that they are free to download and use; you don’t need to pay any money at all to use them.

So, without further ado, here are 5 pieces of free software that you should get for your Windows PC.

1 – CCleaner / Defraggler

We’re going to cheat here and start with 2 pieces of free software, but bare with me here before you call me out on going against the title of this post…

CCleaner and Defraggler are both made by Piriform, and if their names didn’t give it away both of them are, in my honest opinion, better alternatives to Windows’ default PC tools Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. If you want to have more options with your disk cleanup tool and defragmentation tool, then these are the pieces of software you desperately need.

While the free versions of these tools do the job incredibly well, the premium downloads, although will cost you a bit of money, will have more options for you to customise and will be more effective at their job.

However, the free versions are still superiour to the basic disk cleanup and disk defragmenting tools provided by Windows, and are definitely free bits of software you should consider downloading.

2 – Malwarebytes

Forget about some of the many antivirus softwares you can get such as Norton and McAfee which require tons of money for a year’s subscription because the software I’m about to tell you about may change your mind about what you’ll be getting to help clean an infected computer with a pesky virus or bloatware…

Malwarebytes is a free antivirus tool which, in my opinion, cleans your system free of any malicious malware and viruses far better than other antivirus software likes the ones I’ve just mentioned… and the best part is it’s free for you to download!

Of course, there is a premium subscription which grants you real time protection against anything malicious against your Windows PC, but I don’t think any of these features are really beneficial… Sensible use of the internet, such as not visiting suspicious websites or opening suspicious links inside emails and messages, will more than likely prevent your system from being corrupted by anything bad.

Anything bad that the free scan detects will be placed straight into quarantine which will prevent it from harming your system anymore. Sadly, you need to manually remove the contents from quarantine yourself as the software won’t do it automatically… but rest assured they won’t pose a threat to your system.

3 – WinRAR / 7-Zip

We’re going to cheat once again with the number 3 position as both of these software are pretty much the exact same, though age is one of the biggest differences between them; WinRAR has been around since 1995, while 7-Zip was first released in 1999.

If you don’t know what these pieces of software are, they are basically free software which allow you to view zipped files and extract those zipped files to wherever you’d like on your PC.

While 7-Zip is entirely free, WinRAR does have a purchasable version, but you can easily get away with using the free version of WinRAR. In fact, the fact that you can get away with not paying for WinRAR has become an infamous joke throughout the vastness of the internet.

While there is no default tool to open up zipped files on a Windows system, it would be sensible to download either of these tools, especially if you like to download files where the contents within are usually zipped up to save space, such as PC game mods.

4 – GIMP

So, you want to try your hand at doing digital art on your computer, but want to have more fidelity with your software than Paint, and you don’t have the funds to buy Photoshop, for example? Well, don’t fret because I may just have the free bit of software for you!

GIMP is a very good alternative to Photoshop, and it’s entirely free; you don’t have to pay a single dime to use it and express your creativity using your Windows PC. Of course, it’s not going to be easy to use straight away; there are a lot of tools in the software that you can use.

But, the internet is full of useful tutorials and tips and tricks of just about anything you can think of, and no doubt you will quickly find what you are looking for when it comes to figuring out how to use GIMP properly.

GIMP is a prefect free alternative to the likes of Photoshop, and while it’s not as professional or as content-rich as Photoshop, it is still a formidable software if you’re starting out in digital design… or if you really want to make that photograph you took just a little bit more perfect. 😉

5 – Libre Office

We’ve finally reached the final piece of free software on this list that you should preferably get for your Windows PC, and boy, is it a doozy! If you want a solid word document tool but don’t feel like paying out money to get Microsoft Office – which costs £80 per year, if you’re curious – then Libre Office might very well be a lifesaver to you.

The software contains a word document tool, a spreadsheet tool; a presentation tool, a database tool, and more. As you can see, this free software contains quite a lot of tools for you to choose from, and the exact same tools you would find on Microsoft’s pricey Office software too…

If you are desperate for a solid word document tool, or a spreadsheet tool for work or school, and really don’t wish to pay out for Microsoft Office, then Libre Office is the best software for you!


And there you have it! Those were 5 free software for Windows that you should download immediately if you want to make your computer not only safer, but also more important to you, either for your school work or career work that may lie ahead of you.

I hope that any of the software I’ve listed down helps you in any shape or form, and if you have any other free software for Windows that I’ve missed that you feel should have been on this list, don’t be afraid to comment that software down below in the comments section. 😉

Have a wonderful day!

Jamie – the PC Gaming Nerd



  1. Great post Jamie, do you know of any free driver updater for windows?

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